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Resident, Chris F

I lived here for two and a half years, and just moved out for a new setting in the Museum District. That said, I've loved my time at Haxall View.

The management team at Fulton Hill have been responsive and pleasant to work with, and accommodated most of my requests extremely quickly, or found a reasonable solution in just the same amount of time. Jon and his team are great!

Favorite parts:

  • It's a small apartment building. You won't have 50+ neighbors with loud parties and foot traffic that the surrounding buildings have. Plus, you'll know your neighbors, and they're all very friendly and professional.
  •  Nearby food and alcohol options are insane: The ABC store is across the street, and many restaurants like Station 2, Honey Whyte's, 23rd and Main are within a minute's walk. Millie's is a great brunch spot 5 blocks away, and just a bit further is Proper Pie, Alamo BBQ, Union Market, and The Hill Cafe. The Shockoe Bottom market on 20th and Main is good for a quick beer and wine run (great selection), Bottom's Up pizza, Grace Noodle (with awesome ramen bowls), and East Villa for Chinese takeout are also excellent nearby restaurants. Hint: Use Quickness RVA for certain delivery options.
  • They're pet friendly, which is a huge plus for those of us who have animals. I wasn't able to find many other small residential buildings that allowed pets.
  • Farm Fresh is three blocks away, which is great for a nearby supermarket within walking distance, even in a light drizzle.
  • The balconies in the courtyard and the rooftop deck were great to hang out or do a little work on.
  • The gym in the building is a good spot for some cardio work, and it has a TV in it, too!
  • The attached parking deck was a good convenience to get groceries in under cover from rain, while many in the area and surrounding buildings don't have that option.
  • The canal walk area is good for a jog or a walk with a dog or on your own for exercise.
  • Easy access to 95 and Downtown Expressway (a few minutes from Haxall) kept travel time down for most trips.

It was bittersweet leaving for my new digs, but I have many great memories at Haxall, and look forward to visiting my old neighbors there again in the future!